Four priorities

In order to fulfil the programme’s objectives, 4 priorities were defined. Projects applying for a grant must meet the criteria of one of these priorities:

1) Reinforce the sense of belonging to a common space and the awareness of shared interests
e.g. projects promoting mutual learning of language and culture

2) Build partnerships between stakeholders involved in cross-border economic development, and between centres of excellence
e.g. projects supporting the launching of new enterprises

3) Build an attractive common space to live in and visit
e.g. projects sharing in cultural activities

4) Ensure sustainable environmental development of the common space
e.g. projects promoting renewable energies


Horizontal priorities

The Lisbon and Goteborg European strategies have been incorporated into the programme's strategy via priorities 2 and 4. These strategies respectively aim at:

  • making Europe the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world,
  • protecting the environment by building a sustainable development model.

Indeed, applicants will be required to:

  • incorporate the sustainable development principle, whilst paying particular attention to the environmental dimension,
  • prove compliance with the principle of non-discrimination and equality between men and women.


Common priority with the 2 Seas Programme

The France (Channel)-England programme shares a common priority with the 2 Seas Programme, which includes maritime territories in France and England as well as Flanders and the Netherlands.

This common priority is primarily devolved to projects having a recognised maritime dimension of common interest, the pooling of good practices and strategic projects within the entire cooperation area.

€12 630 429 m ERDF budget was allocated to this common priority. Since the beginning of the 2007-2013 programming period, the entire budget has been spent on financing seven projects.

Please consult the 2 Seas programme website for more information.